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on February 27, 2017

It was last year when my Grandad and Grandma told me that for my 21st birthday they wanted to send me and anyone of my choice to Bali, obviously my excitement was through the roof and I got on the phone to Dylan straight away asking if he would accompany me to Bali the following February, making this our first overseas holiday, and really our first ever holiday together.  On the 7th of Feb 2017, after a two hour delay we boarded the plane to our paradise destination.


As a Bali first timer for both myself and Dylan we were a bit weary in Bali and had some hesitation when we hoped off the plane but all hesitation and worry was pushed aside when we were met by our lovely driver when we got through to the other side. The first thing I did was laugh at the amount of drivers waiting for incoming visitors and I knew from there on it was going to be an eventful week.

Once we had left the airport we noticed on the way to our hotel that there were a lot of amazing sculptures that our driver later explained were ways to show strength and pay respects to what they believe in.

After believing that I was about to witness multiple near deaths with the myriad of scooter encounters and are driver laughing at me saying “Welcome to Bali” we arrived at our breathtaking resort Courtyard Marriott, Nusa Dua. I felt instantly at home here with being welcomed with the brightest of smiles and the amazing hospitality within minutes of our arrival. When booking, my lovely Grandfather thought he would book a room with two single beds so when we arrived we told them that we wanted a room with one king bed and they were so happy to accomodate our wish and they fixed us a room with our request straight away. We spent many of time at our hotel as it had so much to offer with daily activities such as yoga in the courtyard, water aerobics with a personal trainer, traditional Bali art and many more. Out of our 7 days in paradise we spent around half our time here relaxing around the pool, at the swim up bar or just lazing around in our room.

One of the reasons I was so generously given this gift was so I could go and see Bali Life which is an organisation that caters for the children of Bali and provides them a home, education, jobs for women and many more. On the Friday Dylan and I had the pleasure of going to the children’s home to see what Bali Life do in person. Upon arrival we noticed the children weren’t there but they were actually at school but that didn’t stop us from learning more about the organisation, Bali Life has around 68 children that live in the children home and here they are provided with meals, eduction, extra curricular activities, a library and a computer room. We got to see and meet some of the lovely women who cook for the children all day so they have meals at school and meals when they get home, we were also taken on a tour around the house to see how the kids live and it was amazing to see what this organisation is achieving with very little to no government funding and purely sponsorships.

The lady who showed us and told us information about the house and the kids had her beautiful little girl there as she was only three and it was so hard not to bring her home, she was so full of energy and was not shy in the slightest.

Once leaving the house our driver gave us a tour of all the beautiful beaches such as Dreamland, Single Fin and Padang Padang and honestly I was not all too excited but once seeing them I was so glad I did because the beaches were just amazing and breathtakingly beautiful and something that you would only see on a postcard.

Being with a local driver he took us to beach shacks to eat as opposed to the popular tourist destinations and he introduced us to some local food that I normally wouldn’t think to try but I did and I really enjoyed it. The hardest thing I found being around here was the stray dogs, I think by the end of the day I was brining 18 stray dogs home, 3 cats and 2 babies haha, but Dylan put that to an abrupt stop. The most beautiful site of the day was definitely at the Uluwatu Temple, I had seen pictures of this place but I did not fully grasp how beautiful it was going to be. 

I do not do heights in the slightest and I was determined to stay as fas away from the edge as possible but with Dylan’s help he got me to the wall and I am so glad he did because I just stared at the rolling waves and it really sunk in that I was in this beautiful place and how lucky I was to be there and how thankful I was that I got this opportunity to do it with my boyfriend.

Our last day was Tuesday 14.02 otherwise known as Valentines Day, all day I was joking around with Dylan about how he didn’t get me anything and I was lowkey waiting for him to tape my mouth shut haha, when we got to the airport later that night I went into full stress mode as I really hate dealing with all the security even though I never have anything to worry about, but poor Dylan had to cop my stress and anxiety and at dinner he just got up and walked up and I was so angry with him for leaving me but he suddenly came out from behind me with the most beautiful and vibrant rose I had ever seen.

This trip was a trip that can not be forgotten and Dylan and I are looking forward to going back and seeing more of Bali. We are both so thankful for receiving this amazing gift and we are glad that we are privilege enough to travel overseas together.

To see more of our trip check out my recent youtube video

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