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on February 20, 2017

After nearly two months I am finally back,so where have I been? 

Well after blogmas I decided to take a little break which ended up being two months  even though that wasn’t planned.

So here is a little catch up of what happened in those two months..

  • I turned 21
  • I relaunched my Youtube channel
  • Two of my bestfriends got into relationships (FINALLY)
  • My other bestfriend came home from China but only to go back 
  • I watched 3 seasons of HTGAWM and ow am up to date
  • I started a 30 day challenge and saw no results after day 5 so I went and ate thai and gave up hahah
  • I went to Bali

So after that little rundown I haven’t really achieved anything major. BUT I have come back from Bali even more motivated that I have ever been before but also so sick, so after my little bout of illness I will be posting weekly here and back over on my channel.

Posts here will be going up 5pm Mondays and new videos 9am Fridays.

I look forward to seeing you all here every 5pm each week!

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  • Reply Diana Threlfo

    Welcome back,Emmi – sad to hear you came back from Bali feeling unwell. Lots of ❤️

    February 20, 2017 at 7:48 pm
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