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on March 6, 2017

Can we believe that it is March already, it’s honestly so crazy on how fast the years go by, I remember being little and thinking a year would never end, but now all I ask for is that the year slows down.

This month was a short but full packed month, which means that there wasn’t really any chance to try new products, but it did mean I got to keep using the ones that I am about to rave about.


  • Apple Watch Series 1:

My watch has become my favourite electronic of this month, it does not disappoint and it is certainly a fashion statement even though it is just a watch! I never saw myself with one of these but when I opened it christmas morning I was not complaining and I was so excited to start using it. I use this mainly to count my steps, especially when I’m at work and to monitor my sleep with an app I have downloaded. I am yet to dabble into everything the watch can do, but I am very excited to find out all the tips and tricks and especially start to us the workout app, that excites me the most.

  • Iphone 7+ case

You may recall if you are subscriber to my YouTube channel, that not long ago I did a what’s on my iphone 6s, well that weekend after uploading it that phone completely died so I had to go out and get a new one and I upgraded to the Iphone 7+ and since then it has been my best purchase of 2017 so far. The favourite however is my case! This case is so beautiful and I can’t stop looking at it in the sunlight! It is pink glitter all over and it is what I would be if I was an Iphone case. It is so fun and outgoing and I just adore it.

  • Clarisonic Mia 2

For my 21st birthday my childhood best friend’s family so generously gifted me this skincare angel for my birthday. I have wanted one of these for years now but just never justified spending so much money on one product when there were cheaper options on the market, but boy I wish I had invested in one years ago. I don’t use this everyday but I do use it twice a week along with my Devonne skin cleanser and my skin feels like a baby’s bottom and glows like the moonlight. I have not suffered any terrible breakouts like I did prior to this product coming into my life.

  • Tarteist Pro Palette

This palette was on the top of my christmas list last year and Santa pulled through and he delivered the goods and I have not yet to use another eyeshadow palette three months into this year. This palette is just divine and I honestly can’t write anything else about it or otherwise we would be here all night reading about it, so all I am going to say is, GO BUY THIS PALETTE NOW!

  • Sunglasses

These sunnies were just cheap ones I picked up in Bali after trying on a myriad of sunglasses and deciding these were the only ones I was going to get, but I do love these sunnies, they don’t pull my hair out after resting them on my head, the suit my face and they have the reflective lenses and that’s all I ask from a pair of sunglasses. I got these because I love my High Keys and if I am going to event of somewhere, where I am at risk of losing them I can just take these ones instead and still love what my sunglasses look like.

  • Ellips Hair Vitamins

I picked up these hair Vitamins in Bali and I wish I got more! I noticed before going to Bali that because I have been going lighter my hair is not as smooth as it use to be from all the chemicals that my hair has endured over a period of two months, so after doing some research I decided I was going to get some of these to test on my hair and like I said before I wish I got more. I put one of the pink capsules in half dry shampooed hair and by the time the rest of my hair has dried, my hair is as soft as it is after I leave the hairdressers after a wash and blow dry, it is incredible! So if you’re going to Bali I suggest getting some and they also have different ones for different treatments.

  • Rimmel The Only 1 Matte Lipstick (Salute& High Flyer)*

After receiving the whole collection of these in the mail I instantly fell in love, I fell in love with the colours, the scent and the formula and after trying majority these are my two favourites of the month. Salute is more of a lighter pink nude colour whereas High Flyer is more red undertone but still being a perfect nude colour that you can where everyday and with any look. I am a girl who just sticks to nude colours on the lips and doesn’t venture very far from them, so it was really no surprise when I kept finding myself going back to pick these two colours up constantly. I found that because High Flyer is that little bit more darker I wore it with more of a glam face and I wore Salute when I just had mascara and my brows on.

  • Blush purse

I got this beautiful blush purse off Dylan’s sister and her partner for christmas and it is just beautiful and so lovely to use. It is made from real leather and you can’t see in the photo but it actually has my name etched near the little latch. This purse fits everything in it and that’s why it instantly became a favourite of mine because the only thing I had to carry was the purse and my keys and I didn’t have to have a handbag when I had this purse.


That is all for my Feb Faves and I want to know what you loved in the month of Feb so let me know so I can try out some new products.

Stay Strong, Stay Beautiful and Don’t forget to be CONFIDENT!

*Gifted products sent from PR company

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