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on December 23, 2016

This post isn’t much but it is just to show you my christmas nails which I love! I haven’t had fake nails on for a good two months which is so unlike me but I thought I would just give my nails a break and I was also poor haha! I always get christmas nails and I couldn’t wait any longer and I got them back on, which everyone else had the same idea because my regular nail salon was a 2 hour wait so I went somewhere else and now i will be going there form now on!

I never get shellac nails because I find that they just peel off my nails so quick but I decided today that I was going to go ahead and give it another go! I do love these nails although I wish that the silver glitter was a little more opaque and brighter but hey you can’t get everything! I always get the coffin/ballerina shape and normally get a matte top coat because I’m not a glossy fan. I had something very very similar to this last year and it was one of my favorite design I had, so I just went back and did it again!


Stay Strong, Stay Beautiful, Stay Confident


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