Posted in BEAUTY
on May 10, 2017

Can you believe we are already a week and a half into May, like where is this year going? before we know it Christmas will be here! Like my last blog post said I have had this blog for a year and my first ‘real’ beauty post was my April Absolutes so of course, I have to do another one for this year. I don’t have many but the few I do have are my current ride or dies!

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Posted in LIFE
on April 21, 2017

What’s one? Well it’s been one year since I have started blogging and launched this site. It’s been a journey so why not review it within a blog post. Continue reading


Posted in BEAUTY
on March 6, 2017

Can we believe that it is March already, it’s honestly so crazy on how fast the years go by, I remember being little and thinking a year would never end, but now all I ask for is that the year slows down.

This month was a short but full packed month, which means that there wasn’t really any chance to try new products, but it did mean I got to keep using the ones that I am about to rave about.


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Posted in Lifestyle
on February 27, 2017

It was last year when my Grandad and Grandma told me that for my 21st birthday they wanted to send me and anyone of my choice to Bali, obviously my excitement was through the roof and I got on the phone to Dylan straight away asking if he would accompany me to Bali the following February, making this our first overseas holiday, and really our first ever holiday together.  On the 7th of Feb 2017, after a two hour delay we boarded the plane to our paradise destination.

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Posted in LIFE
on December 24, 2016

Oh My Goodness 24 days of Blogmas is done and dusted and I won’t lie I am a little happy it’s over because it was very stressful but I am so happy I did it and I did not miss a day! I have no clue if I will do it again next year but the challenge was fun and if I am a little more organised then maybe it will happen. I just want to thank everyone who supported me throughout these past 24 days, people who read the posts, who commented, who shared who featured because it kept me going. This was a mighty task to relaunch my blog and in the new yea I am aiming for 1 or 2 blog posts a week. I am looking forward to a break but from the new year I will be continuing my blog but also relaunching my youtube channel and uploading there 1-2 times a week!

If you are planning on doing blogposts everyday of the week for an extended period of time, PLAN PLAN PLAN! If you know that you’re busy for a few days write your posts ahead of time and schedule them, don’t leave it to an hour before your post time because you won’t be happy with the outcome of it.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and I will see you in 2017 with some fun projects in mind

Stay Strong, Stay Beautiful, Stay Confident


Posted in BEAUTY
on December 23, 2016

This post isn’t much but it is just to show you my christmas nails which I love! I haven’t had fake nails on for a good two months which is so unlike me but I thought I would just give my nails a break and I was also poor haha! I always get christmas nails and I couldn’t wait any longer and I got them back on, which everyone else had the same idea because my regular nail salon was a 2 hour wait so I went somewhere else and now i will be going there form now on!

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Posted in FOOD
on December 22, 2016

Christmas pudding should be available all year round, and it really is if you make your own but then there is no looking forward to it in December. This year I received my pudding from my boyfriends mum and his sister and oh my lord it is delicious.

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Posted in BEAUTY
on December 21, 2016

Lush is such a beautiful company and I would like to thank whoever came up with this shop! Every holiday, every season, and really just at random times of the year Lush find excuses to come up with and release new products that follow a theme, one of my all time favourites has always been their christmas collections and this year this is what is on my wishlist.

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